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Businesses of all types & sizes rely on data and databases

Protect them



Databases continuously track and record your company’s most important enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems including payroll, manufacturing records, customer CRM, accounting, inventory, and others. Yet these dynamic files can elude common database backup programs and are not adequately saved with standard file backup programs that are intended for static files.

Database Protection



There is a high cost for failing to adequately protect company databases.

When data is lost, the recovery speed to resuming normal operational status is key to company survival. Using Verified Backups’ patented database backup and recovery system, most clients are returned to operational status in less than an hour.

How VBU Protects and Recovers
20% of SMB’s will suffer a Major Disaster resulting in data loss within 5 years

60% of companies that lose their data will Shut Down within 6 months


93% of companies that lose data for 10 days or more go bankrupt within 1 year

Backing up your databases with Verified Backups -

Will provide a quick restoration to business continuity.

May reduce business interruption insurance premiums.

Provides economical, emotional and financial peace of mind for business leaders and owners.

DataCore.com found that 28% of companies have experienced a data loss in the past 12 months.
Of the small businesses involved in a disaster including a massive data loss, FEMA states that 40%-60% will fail within a year. Boston Computing Network similarly declared that 60% of companies who lose their data will close within six months.
Carbonite notes that about 70% of business people have or will experience data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster.
FEMA states that 20% of companies do not have a disaster recovery plan (including data losses) in place. These companies are extremely vulnerable to losing data.
How quickly companies return to normal operational status after a data loss is a clear indicator of their ability to survive the loss. Ontech noted that 93% of businesses who failed to recover data within 10 days filed for bankruptcy within a year.
FEMA noted that 90% of companies who are unable to restore their operations within five days will fail within a year.
DataCore.com notes that only 2% of surveyed businesses recovered from their latest data loss in less than hour. While other data recovery operations can take days or weeks, recovery of data from Verified Backups files typically takes less than two hours.
Hackers exploit small to mid-sized companies who often underinvest in cybersecurity. Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report notes that 43% of data breaches involve small businesses.
Datto noted that 20% of small to mid-sized businesses have suffered from a ransomware attack.
Hackers account for a small percentage of data loss, with human error, device mismanagement, power outages, equipment failure, natural disasters, and disgruntled employees being other major causes.
0% of Verified Backup Customers have lost data that was included in their daily backup.
Symantec noted that 47% of enterprises lost data in the cloud requiring a data restoration from backup, yet 66% of those organizations saw their recovery operations fail, often due to insufficient testing and verification of backup data.
DataCore states that a third of surveyed companies reported a malware infection in the previous five years. Without adequate backups your data can be lost forever.
Avast noted that many businesses are relying on outdated backup technology resulting in 60% of data backups being incomplete. Additionally, 50% of backup restorations fail. No client of Verified Backups has ever permanently lost their protected data.
In 2021, Veeam Software found that 14 percent of all data is not backed up at all and 58 percent of recoveries fail, leaving businesses’ data unprotected and irretrievable in the event of an outage by cyber attack.
A 2021 Veeam Software survey found that 51% of all organizations (worldwide) plan to adopt Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaas) by 2023.
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