Computer Frustration

It Can Happen to You!

Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them.

Garmin is a huge company that makes sports watches and related products as well as GPS and mapping systems and flight mapping systems for airline pilots.

On July 24, 2020, Garmin’s entire computer infrastructure was taken down by a ransomware virus. This type of virus encrypts your files and then a ransom is demanded to access your data. All of their systems went down. Even their email and help desk. The ransom demand was reported to be $10 million.

These attacks are more and more common, as are their “evil twin sisters” known as kryptoviruses. These may not carry a ransom demand but also scramble your files irretrievably. It’s the same as losing your files completely. A recent kryptovirus at a company in the St. Louis area scrambled all of their files and databases and all of their backup drives. Off-site backups saved the day.

At Verified Backups, we offer three unique services: an encrypted copy of your corporate databases is transmitted to our server. Then we decrypt and restore the file to make sure it can be used. Finally, we examine your data to make sure it’s current, so that you know the backups are all working.

Verified Backups…because It can happen to you!

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