Subscription Services

The Benefits of Database Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Subscription services are immensely popular for personal and professional use. These services have evolved to meet consumer demand from when Netflix used to mail DVDs on demand, to current subscription programs where companies pay to use the most-updated popular computer programs. Many mid-sized companies now subscribe to fractional CFOs, providing the expertise needed at a fraction of the cost for a full-time employee.

The same advantages are offered for subscription managed service providers who offer IT knowledge and expertise without the full overhead cost of new employees. The people employed by these service providers possess a deep and broad knowledge through a multitude of clients and assignments – providing a more fertile background than is offered by most in-house opportunities.

But what about subscribing to a database recovery service provider? Can they provide the customized approach needed in a key time of need, or is this best served by an in-house provider?

We believe there are many advantages to a subscription based DRaaS approach. Leading this list is the simple fact that few – if any – companies have an IT staff deeply experienced in database backup and recovery. In fact, it’s rare when a company needs to restore database files from a backup (ask yourself when you last tried to restore a full or partial database from your own backup files). But when a company needs this service, often the continuity of the business itself is at stake. Nothing could be more important or urgently required.

Beyond the simple dedication and experience provided through DRaaS, we feel there are many additional advantages, including:

  • Regular backups and restoration testing can take place without the company having to purchase remote servers, redundant internet connections, and security systems to keep everything safe. The DRaaS provides all of this as part of their subscription.
  • The company doesn’t have to do penetration testing on their backup solution…it’s already done through well-tested systems.
  • The business doesn’t have to hire a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) specialist…these services are also part of the subscription.
  • The business doesn’t have to write the software for their BDR solution since off-the-shelf solutions are not always ideal.
  • The company doesn’t have to maintain staff to assist in case a full or partial data restoration is required.
  • The business doesn’t need someone to monitor and inspect each and every backup by restoring it, thereby guaranteeing it can be used in a recovery scenario. The DRaaS addresses this through regular processes.
  • The business doesn’t have to wait to get everything set up.  A subscription can be purchased, and services provided as quickly as the same day.

Most companies run as lean as possible. Paying for a full-time IT employee is an expense that often doesn’t make sense. Owners would rather invest in a revenue-producing position such as a sales rep or a customer service rep.

The era of subscriptions is here to stay. Companies choose Database Recovery as a Service because it’s convenient and economical. It gives companies the flexibility to be nimble while managing and reducing risk.

Has your company considered DRaaS? Please let us know how we can assist your team.