Man data center technician performing server maintenance

Verified Backups Endorsement by a Local Network Engineer

I can strongly recommend your verified backup solution to anyone using a database that is essential to their business.

I have previously worked in IT for the military. While I cannot go into details on what I did, I can say that if I had access to the kind of product you are offering, it would have saved me several hundred hours of rebuilding an essential database from the ground up.

Daily SQL backups were of course taken, but we had not been in the practice of taking those backups and mounting them to make sure the backups were functioning. This of course became part of our process after a month of 10-hour shifts rebuilding and fixing essential software running off one of the databases after a major crash. After that it was a policy to have one member of our team stay late every Friday and restore the backups on a virtual environment. I’ve recommended this method to anyone who is setting up a new SQL database since that incident. Your software and system automate this process and do it much more frequently at a reasonable cost.

For any essential business application where you need to know for certain that it is recoverable in case of a catastrophe, you want a backup solution like Verified Backups.